Balancing Work and Caregiving

January 12, 2017

Chances are that during your working life, you will be a caregiver to a relative or a friend. In Minnesota, 60% of caregivers are employed—full-time or part-time.

Juggling the competing demands of work and caregiving can be challenging. Achieving work-life balance is a cooperative effort between an employee and his or her employer. Use the resources available on the Management and Budget website to help you find balance between work and caregiving.

The time you spend now will be invaluable when a caregiving or other medical issue arises in your life or the life of someone to whom you give care. It will also prepare you to best support your coworkers who are caregiving.

The Senior LinkAge Line® (800-333-2433), Disability Linkage Line® 866-333-2466 and the Veterans Linkage Line® (888-546-5838) can also provide you with more information about caregiving resources.

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