First Contact: Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Redesign

July 29, 2013

Hospitals, Nursing Facilities, Healthcare Clinics and Lead Agencies -- Attend to learn about new statutory changes

A legislative proposal known as "First Contact" passed during the 2013 legislative session resulting in a redesign of pre-admission screening and resident review (PASRR). Presentations have been scheduled across Minnesota for hospital and nursing facility social workers/discharge planners, lead agencies (managed care, tribes and counties) and Linkage Lines. Please attend to learn about the changes and how they will affect providers as well as how the protocol will be implemented statewide. Changes are anticipated to take place October 1, 2013.

Target Audience

Hospital and Nursing Home Discharge Planners/Social Workers, Directors of Nursing, Care Managers, Home and Community Based Service Providers, County Social Workers, LTC Consultants, Health Plans, Managed Care Coordinators, County Directors, Health Care Clinics/ Homes, Health Systems, Senior LinkAge Line® staff, General Public

Goals of Presentation:



  1. Overview of changes made to PASRR
  2. Understand what is changing and what is staying the same
  3. Why we are here and how we are in this together
  4. Focus on new requirements and opportunities for nursing facilities, counties, providers, and the Senior LinkAge Line® to work together and review draft protocols.

The First Contact presentations will be offered at the sites and times during the month of August. Please note that morning sessions are intended for lead agencies (managed care, tribes and counties) and afternoon sessions are intended for hospitals, nursing facilities and other healthcare providers. Times and Locations 

For Professionals 



Operational Document



Registration is not required for attendance at the in-person presentations.


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