ACT on Alzheimer’s Web Site Unveiled

March 12, 2013

A new website is available to help prepare Minnesota for the personal, social and budgetary impacts of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. 100,000 Minnesotans live with Alzheimer's disease and the number is growing. The rise in the number of Minnesotans with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias will bring enormous cost and burden to those with the disease, their families, our communities and state.  We must ACT now to prepare for the impacts of Alzheimer’s. 

Visit the ACT on Alzheimer’s website to:

  • Learn about dementia capable communities. 
  • Download a community toolkit that guides communities through a process of convening, assessing, analyzing and acting to become “dementia capable.”
  • Obtain resources that will assist professionals in understanding, assessing, diagnosing and managing dementia. 

The Minnesota Board on Aging and over 50 other organizations and 150 individuals have been working together in a voluntary collaboration on five shared goals to:

  • Identify and invest in promising approaches that reduce costs and improve care
  • Increase early detection of Alzheimer’s disease and improve ongoing care and support
  • Sustain families by offering them information, resources, and in-person support
  • Equip communities to be “dementia capable” to support residents who are touched by Alzheimer’s disease
  • Raise awareness and reduce stigma by engaging communities

The website is the result of their collaborative work. To learn the ways you can ACT, visit:

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