Certified Health Care Home and Hospital Senior LinkAge Line® Service begins 10/1/12

September 28, 2012

Senior LinkAge Line® To Receive Referrals from Hospitals and Certified Health Care Homes

The 2012 Legislative session created statute language within the current Provision for Long Term Care Options Counseling and Long Term Care Consultation statute intended to create closer working partnerships between the Senior LinkAge Line®, hospitals and certified health care homes.  Many relationships between these organizations already exist, however, this change will promote the development of standard protocols for referrals to identify older adults at-risk of nursing home placement, as well as those who have current or anticipated long-term care needs.   Through this developed referral process, individuals referred to the Senior LinkAge Line® will provide Long Term Care Options Counseling and decision support, which helps individuals make informed choices about long-term care options and health benefits, including exploring the most cost-effective and least restrictive setting.

Statue Language and definitions of the statute language can be found at: http://www.mnaging.net/advisor/ltcce.aspx 

Protocols will assist hospitals and certified health care homes with identifying consumers who may need additional non-medical support to successfully live in the community, focusing on topics, such as:

  • Lack of caregiver or current caregiver is overwhelmed
  • Help arranging non-health related services, such as preparing meals, respite, laundry, housekeeping, chore and caregiver consultation services
  • Assistance managing/paying for medications
  • Questions about Medicare or other health insurance benefits
  • Lack of transportation or trouble getting places
  • Difficulty managing finances or paying for services
  • Memory concerns
  • Concerns about safety or need for home modification

The final version of the protocol is available at http://www.mnaging.net/advisor/ltcce.aspx

Referrals can be made to the Senior LinkAge Line® one of three ways:

  • By Phone at 1-800-333-2433
  • Online at www.mnaging.net
  • By Fax at 1-877-783-4053

Additional information about this initiative can be found on Long Term Care Consultation Expansion section of the Minnesota Board on Aging website at: http://www.mnaging.net/advisor/ltcce.aspx

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