Who is involved in Communities for a Lifetime?

Community Level

Successful communities for a lifetime initiatives are generally supported by a broad array of community stakeholders that cross sectors, interest groups and segments of the population.  Support by mayors, city council members, or county commissioners is often critical for success.  Support from private business owners, nonprofit and civic organizations, faith communities, schools, as well as citizens of all ages and abilities is another common theme in many successful efforts to create better communities.

State and Regional Level

The Communities for a Lifetime initiative is sponsored by the Minnesota Board on Aging, Minnesota Department of Human Services' (DHS) project Transform 2010 and Disability Services Division, and the Minnesota Department of Health.  DHS and MBA partner with the ElderCare Development Partnerships and Minnesota’s Area Agencies on Aging to provide regional education and technical assistance for the initiative.

National Level

The resources section features a list of links of organizations and initiatives around the country related to communities for a lifetime.