Where are Communities for a Lifetime built?


Initiatives to make communities more livable for people of all ages and abilities are occurring in all regions of the state.  The local initiatives section of this website provides an extensive list of projects occurring across Minnesota. The greatest amount of activity is occurring at the municipal level, in cities, towns and townships, but efforts are also underway in rural, suburban and urban counties and at the neighborhood level, especially in larger and more densely populated cities.  Additionally, clusters of towns and cities have worked together to make a regional area more livable. 


The concept of communities for a lifetime has received national attention since the term was first used in 1999 in Florida.  However, similar concepts by different names have a longer history, such as senior-friendly communities, aging in place, and naturally occurring retirement communities.  All of these concepts promote community settings that foster healthy and successful aging.  The resources section of this website features a list of links of organizations and initiatives around the country related to communities for a lifetime.