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MBA-sponsored Getting There  program premieres on TPT

A special screening celebration was held July 16 to kick off the showing of a new television series called "Getting There," co-sponsored by the Minnesota Board on Aging and AARP. The eight-week series, to be broadcast on Twin Cities Public Televisions' Minnesota Channel, is about aging issues, with topics ranging from Technology and fitness to Medicare and transportation.

The kickoff celebration was held at the TPT studios and offices in downtown St. Paul as part of the launch of the series. Premiere attendees were welcomed by tpt CEO Jim Pagliarini. Special guest at the ceremony was Jan Smaby, popular local television personality and host of the series. Nearly 60 guests attended the premiere. Representing the Minnesota Board on Aging were Jean Wood, executive director and board members Dean Fenner, Ellie Vollmer, Joseph Grant, Mary Jane Thompson, Mary Koep, R.D. Brown, Susan Kratzke, Terry Dempsey and Tracy Keibler. Other guests included cast members and aging experts from the Minnesota Department of Human Services and other organizations. 

The series features Minnesotans speaking about their experiences. Topic experts join the conversation to provide information and answer questions. Highlighted in each program are innovations such as "smart Socks," intergenerational judo and driving simulators. Each of the episodes is full of practical tips, fun stories and meaningful discussions. People can use this helpful Discussion Guide (large font guide) to facilitate a conversation around thirteen of the videos. Helpful tips, questions, and additional resources are available in the guide.

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