Retirement Planning

When do you want to retire?  

  • Become a volunteer?
  • Stay Physically Active?
  • Travel?

Will you be ready, physically, financially and emotionally?

That's why the Minnesota Board on Aging encourages all Minnesotans to plan for retirement. There are plenty of resources to help you plan. Start today.

The earlier you begin, the better off you'll be. For example, if you start saving $50 a week when you are 25 years old, at 65 you will have more than $550,000 (assuming a modest 8 percent rate of return). If you wait until you are 45, the same $50 a week will only accumulate to $110,000.

Resources to help you plan for retirement

The Minnesota Board on Aging's Planning Ahead: Who Will Make Decisions For You? (pdf)

Other sites of interest: