Beyond the Workday: Finding Balance For The Working Caregiver

Resources for Employers and Employees

The Working Caregiver Initiative provides employers with resources to address the caregiving needs of their employees.  Here you'll find several downloadable materials that were created to address working caregiver issues, as well as online and telephone resources to answer your questions.

Materials for ideas and solutions to address caregiving needs in the workplace:

Helpful online and telephone resources:

Minnesota Area Agencies on Aging are dedicated to addressing the needs of older adults and their families by providing a range of services and resources.  Employers and caregivers can contact the AAA in their region to get questions answered and learn about available resources.

The Senior LinkAge Line® is a statewide phone-based service to help caregivers find local support services.  Face-to-face services are also available.  1-800-333-2433.® is an online directory of resources for older adults and caregivers. It includes the Long-term Care Choices Navigator, a web-based interactive planning tool for caregivers.

Eldercare Locator is a public service of the U.S. Administration on Aging to locate resources for older adults in other states.  1-800-677-1116.