Powerful Tools for Caregivers® Class Description

Class 1: Taking Care of You 
This class sets the stage for the entire course. It emphasizes that the focus is on you, the caregiver, not on the family member receiving care and that during the series of classes caregivers will develop a box of self-care tools.

Class 2: Identifying and Reducing Personal Stress 
Four steps are presented for effective stress management:
• Identifying early warning signs. 
• Identifying personal sources of stress. 
• Changing what you can change and accepting what you can't change. 
• Taking action. 

Class 3: Communicating Feelings, Needs, and Concerns 
Participants learn to communicate their feelings, needs and concerns more effectively. 

Class 4: Communicating in Challenging Situations 
Participants practice two communication tools—assertiveness and Aikido—which are helpful in difficult situations. 

Class 5: Learning From Our Emotions 
The theme of this class is that we need to listen to the messages our emotions are sending us.

Class 6: Mastering Caregiving Decisions
The focus is on the internal emotional process caregivers go through when they experience a life change.