The Minnesota Board on Aging advocates for changes that will enable older Minnesotans to Live Well and Age Well.

The Board promotes policies that support livable communities emphasizing the following characteristics of age-friendly communities:

  • Affordable and accessible housing options
  • Universal design (UD), "accessible public space" and visitability standards
  • Preserve zoning to protect residential neighborhoods
  • Private sector role – new business opportunities and market niches
  • New opportunities for senior leadership and community work
  • Respect for diverse values (including generational differences)

The Board promotes state and local transportation policies that address the needs of older persons – those who drive their own cars and those who do not.

The Minnesota Board on Aging advocates at the state and federal levels for new health care models that improve chronic disease management – across specialties and providers. In the Legislative agenda, the MBA promotes programs that build bridges between the "medical" and "support" elements of health care (e.g., expansion of Minnesota Senior Health Option and similar models).

The Board encourages the adaptation of new health care technologies to improve access to information and services – particularly in rural parts of the State.

The Minnesota Board on Aging values:

  • personal responsibility and informed decision-making – helping people help themselves – through education and prevention
  • a community-based perspective which includes the wide range of interests of older individuals as well as inter-generational relationships
  • strong consumer roles in new service models